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Your ultimate guide to everything skincare, from A to Z.

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Face Care: Face Moisturizers, Serums, Masks, Cleansers & More


Discover Vichy's best -selling face care products that make your skin stronger and reinforce your skin barrier, at every moment of your life. Fight internal & external daily aggressions on your skin, thanks to the power of its volcanic water combined with dermatological actives from natural origin, and tackle the several skin concerns:


• Acne Breakout & Pimples
Localized imperfections such as acne or cystic pimples are due to oily skin, characterized by the formation of keratin blockages in pores, excessive sebum secretion and bacterial proliferation. Shiny appearances, dilated pores, blackheads, microcysts, irregular skin texture are all acne prone skin indicators. With Vichy's Normaderm acne treatment collection, you can now act on all major imperfections and leave skin clear, matte and blemish-free. Invest in the best acne cleanser and acne face wash your skin deserves.


• Acne Scars & Marks
Its never been easier, faster and as effective to get rid of acne marks - with the newly added ingredient, phe-resorcinol, Normaderm acne scar treatment limits inflammation due to its anti-bacterial properties. Combined with exfoliating LHA, this ingredient is exceptional for acne scar removal and for repairing other skin imperfections.


• Oily Skin & Large Pores
Shiny skin can be activated by daily UV rays which cause the skin to react by overproducing sebum. Vichy has developed products under the Normaderm line such as Normaderm Corrective anti-acne treatment specifically for shiny skin and clogged pores. It delivers an instant matte effect, lasting shine control and a complexion that is purified and even. Using Normaderm Corrective anti-acne treatment as a daily moisturizer for oily skin and part of a complete daily Normaderm routine can help visibly transform skin to be shine free and clear.


• First Signs of Aging
Fine lines, visible big pores on the nose, and dull complexion – chances are you didn’t realize that these were your first signs of aging. The Idealia range features anti-aging creams and anti-aging serums to improve skin radiance and minimize the look of fine lines and pores when your regular skincare just isn’t cutting it anymore. If you want to know more about your skin's aging status, try Vichy's Skin Aging Analysis.


• Wrinkles & Loss of Firmness
Powered by our anti-aging natural ingredient Rhamnose, our best skin-firming anti-wrinkle creams and anti-wrinkle serums bring skin’s regenerating powers back to life. It's time to fight wrinkles and loss of firmness with the most recommended dermatological ingredients from natural origin. If you’re looking for intensive wrinkle and firming eye treatment to fortify and nourish your lashes, while also treating your wrinkles, Liftactiv is here for you. 


• Menopause
During menopause, you face skin changes such as loss of skin density and elasticity. Now is the time to adapt your skincare to your skin’s changing needs with Neovadiol’s youth reactivation routine, enriched with Pro-Xylane and Proteic GF that compensates the effects of menopause on your skin. Neovadiol is suitable for all skin types, during and after menopause; you can find the best anti-aging serums for dry skin, best anti-aging serums for sensitive skin and more.  


• Dehydrated Skin
Dehydrated skin is usully caused by lack of skin hydration as well as external factors such as UV rays, pollution, etc. Some genetic factors also contribute to dehydrating your skin, and the process of skin aging can affect your skin barrier and thus your levels of hydration. Using the right products for dehydrated skin and regurlary moisturizing your face and body will help you reinforce your skin barrier and improve skin elasticity. Try our best moisturizer for dehydrated skin, Minéral89 and our skincare line for dehydrated skin, Aqualia Thermal.


What should my skincare routine be?


First, always cleanse the skin with a cleanser of your choice. We suggest the Normaderm Deep Cleansing Gel if you have oily or blemish-prone skin. If you have regular to dry/dull skin, you may opt of the Pureté Thermal Foaming cream. Another important step is making sure your face receives the proper Sun Protection in order do avoid skin damage due to sun radiation exposure. Then, tone your skin with a toner from the same ranger to restore your skin’s PH balance.  A serum is a concentrated product packed with skincare benefits, Vichy offers a vitamin C serum or hyaluronic acid serum such as Minéral 89 to hydrate, plump and fortify your skin.  After applying the serum, apply a face cream like the Aqualia Thermal Light Cream, a glycolic acid cream or anti-wrinkle cream from the LiftActiv range. To remove your makeup at the end of your day, use a micellar water before cleansing.  You may also use a face mask and/or face scrub 2-3 times a week. Get a simple skin care routine with Vichy’s line of skincare products with DERMATOLOGICALLY PROVEN EFFICACY. Find out more by reading Vichy Mag, a carefully curated selection of Dermatologist Expert Content.




Your ultimate guide to everything skincare, from A to Z.