Acne & Oily Skin

Localized imperfections such as acne are due to oily skin, characterized by the formation of keratin blockages in pores, excessive sebum secretion and bacterial proliferation. Shiny appearances, dilated pores, blackheads, microcysts, irregular skin texture are all acne prone skin indicators. With Vichy's Normaderm collection, you can now act on all major acne imperfections and leave skin clear, matte and blemish-free.

Wrinkles & Loss of Firmness

Powered by our anti-aging natural ingredient Rhamnose, our skin-firming anti-wrinkle formulations bring skin’s regenerating powers back to life. It's time to fight wrinkles and loss of firmness around the clock and to get reunited with your youth. If you're looking for intensive wrinkle and firming treatment with instant benefits, intensive wrinkle and firming eye treatment while fortifying and nourishing your lashes, while also complimenting to treat your wrinkles, LiftActiv is here for you. LiftActiv also has products ranging from benefits such as younger looking skin with sun protection, to providing a younger, more rejuvenated skin overnight cream. Looking for a rapid treatment? Liftactiv yeux reduces the look of wrinkles in just 2 weeks and provides intense hydration.

Menopause & Post-Menopause

During menopause, you face skin changes such as loss of skin density and definition. Now is the time to adapt your skincare to your skin’s changing needs with Neovadiol’s youth reactivation routine, enriched with Pro-Xylane and Proteic GF that compensates the effects of menopause on your skin. Neovadiol is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive, mature skin.

Dull Skin

Dull skin can lack radiance or glow, present an uneven skin tone and show dark circles (or bags) under the eyes. Vichy has developed Idealia and ProEVEN with a unique combination of powerful antioxidants to deliver instant radiance, a refreshed complexion and 24Hr hydration.

Dark Spots & Uneven Skintone

Inspired by the latest dermatological advancements in the treatment of hyperpigmentation, ProEVEN features active ingredients that have been rigorously tested for their strong efficacy, and optimal skin tolerance. Vichy's ProEVEN is here to visibly reduce the look of dark spots and brighten your skin tone, whether it be through using our day cream or night cream, cleanser or treatment.

Dehydrated & Dry Skin

Dehydrated skin occurs due to undetectable daily water evaporation from the skin, which is more rapid on the face than the rest of the body. Once the skin becomes dehyrated it can no longer carry out its barrier role. All the skin types need hydration, even oily. Indications of dehydrated skin can include sensations of discomfort, itching, pulling, and dull looking skin. Vichy has developed the Aqualia Thermal collecton to deliver 24Hr continuous hydration to the skin in a patented "sprinkler system" approach. Dry skin has a low lipid content and a weak hydrolic film on the surface. This leaves the stratum corneum exposed and the skin's protective barrier is compromised. Indications of dry skin can include discomfort and tight sensations, rough, coarse, grooved skin and possible redness. Vichy has developed skincare to replenish the skin's lipids and reconstruct the hydrolipidic film on the surface.

Acne Scars & Marks

Its never been easier, faster and as effective to get rid of acne marks - with the newly added ingredient, phe-resorcinol, Normaderm limits inflammation due to its anti-bacterial properties. Combined with exfoliating LHA, this ingredient helps reduce the appearance of acne marks and other skin imperfections.

First Signs of Aging

Fine lines, visible pores and dull complexion – chances are you didn’t realize that these were your first signs of aging.The Idealia range improves skin radiance and minimizes the look of fine lines as well as pores when your regular skincare just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Oily Skin & Large Pores

Shiny skin can be activated by daily UV rays which cause the skin to react by overproducing sebum. Vichy has developed products under the Normaderm line such as Pro Mat Ultra Mattifying Oil Free Lotion SPF 15 specifically for shiny skin. It delivers an instant matte effect, lasting shine control and a complexion that is purified and even. Using Normaderm Pro Mat Ultra Mattifying Oil Free Lotion as a daily moisturizer and part of a complete daily Normaderm routine can help visibly transform skin to be shine free and clear.

Skin Concerns


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